Our Flavors

Year-round chocolates, hand-painted with cocoa butter. Each one is coated with 64% dark chocolate, made from traceable cocoa, with a taste reminiscent of coffee and chestnuts.

chocolat peint à la main au caramel fruit de la passion / hand painted passionfruit caramel chocolate Caramel pamplemousse / grapefruit caramel
Passion Fruit Caramel
Grapefruit Caramel
Ganache chocolat noir Madirofolo / Madirofolo dark chocolate ganache Ganache figue et Earl grey / Fig and earl grey ganache
Araguani Dark Chocolate Ganache
Fig and Earl Grey Ganache
Praliné noix de cajou / Cashew praline
Ganache framboise / Raspberry ganache
Cashew Praline
Raspberry Ganache
praliné pacane / pecan praline
Ganache cannelle, gingembre, muscade et girofle / Cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg and clove ganache
Pecan Praline
Four Spice Ganache
Praliné amande noisette / Hazelnut and almond praline
Caramel fleur de sel
Almond and Hazelnut Praline
Caramel fleur de sel
Ganache abricot lavande / Apricot and lavender ganache
Café et gianduja / Coffee and gianduja
Apricot and Lavender Ganache
Coffee and Gianduja
Ganache mûre et poivre de Tasmanie / Blackberry and Tasmanian pepper ganache
Ganache chocolat au lait Tanariva / Tanariva milk chocolate ganache
Blackberry and Tasmanian Pepper Ganache
Tanavira Milk Chocolate Ganache
Caramel à l'érable / Maple caramel
Caramel camerais / Haskap berry caramel
Maple Caramel
Haskap berry Caramel
Caramel argousier et chocolat blonde / Sea buckthorn and blonde chocolate caramel
Ganache Orelys et miel de sarrasin / Orelys and buckwheat honey ganache
Sea Buckthorn Caramel and Blond Chocolate
Buckwheat Honey and Orelys Ganache
Ganache bleuet et romarin / Blueberry and rosemary ganache
Blueberry and Rosemary Ganache